Entrada is an open source web-based Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform™ created to allow learners, teachers, and curriculum managers a simple way of accessing, interacting, and managing information within their educational environment.

Entrada is ideally suited for the health sciences because of its tightly integrated curriculum management and clinical scheduling support; however, it can easily be modified and adapted for most professional programs.

The Entrada Project™ is built upon the philosophies of open access and collaboration, and we welcome new interest in the project.

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Entrada = Education + Community Engagement

Entrada takes a much different approach to online learning compared to a traditional Learning Management System; so much so that we try not to classify Entrada under that umbrella and have coined “Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform”.

The Entrada Platform consists of 3 independent apps that can stand alone or work together: Entrada Admissions, Entrada ME, and Entrada CPD.

There are 7 major pillars that make up the Entrada ME ecosystem:

  • Curriculum Mapping and Reporting
  • Academic and Clinical Scheduling and Calendaring
  • Learning Management
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Learner ePortfolios
  • Faculty Accountability and Annual Reporting
  • Community functionality and “Social” integration

What to know more about Entrada? Overview > About Entrada.

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